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Cabin Fever 40 at Boyd's Speedway

🎉 We are very excited to announce that Jeff Helms, caregiver of aortic dissection survivor Andrea Garrett-Helms, will be racing in the Cabin Fever 40 at Boyd's Speedway!

🏎 His car will be promoting Aortic Disease Awareness by racing with the Aortic Disease Awareness Ribbon on the side of his car!!!! Two additional racers will also be helping to spread the awareness of Aortic Disease by proudly displaying the ribbon on their cars as well!

🌎 This is a huge race with people from all over the country in attendance! What a great opportunity to bring Aortic Disease Awareness to the forefront of everyone's mind!

🏎 case you didn't know, the awareness ribbon incorporates Aortic Hope's 3 hearts at the top. Each heart represents the Patient, Survivor and Caregiver.

🏆 We are not sure if this event is being televised or live streamed but as soon as we have additional information we will let you know. However, if anyone is in the Ringgold, GA area on Saturday, please consider attending the event and share pictures!

❤ Stay tuned on Saturday as we are featuring Andrea in our Saturday Survivor Series! She will share with everyone the incredible story of her Aortic Dissection and the birth of her child. It is a very emotional and powerful story, one you will find quite inspirational!