Hope Shoutouts

Aortic Hope would like to give a "Shout-Out" to other individuals and organizations within the community.


The John ritter research program

❤️ We are so excited to announce that we are helping the John Ritter Research Program for Aortic and Vascular Health at UTHealth in Houston with their research endeavors...and YOU CAN TOO!

❤️ Please consider participating in this research study to help find alterations in genes (genes are responsible for providing instruction to the body on how it should grow and develop) that trigger aortic dissections so this information can be used in the future to identify individuals at risk.

❤️ This study is for anyone who has had an aortic dissection, especially those with dissections at less than 56 years of age. Anyone who has a thoracic aneurysm or an aortic dissection and also has other family members who have these aortic diseases. *PRETTY MUCH ALL OF YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW 😊

❤️ Participation requires the following:
- Talk to a member of the John Ritter Research Program so that  you can understand the research
- Sign an informed consent and medical record release so that JRRP can confirm you have thoracic aortic disease
- Provide a family history at the time of enrollment
- Provide a sample of your saliva (spit) for DNA

💗 If you would like to learn more about the study or how to participate, please contact Ellen Hostetler at the John Ritter Research Program by phone at 713-500-6843 or by email at ellen.m.hostetler@uth.tmc.edu. 

Please note that you do not need to travel, or even leave your home to participate!

Aortic disease awareness ribbon

We would like to thank Karl Wohkittel, Graphic Designer, for assisting us with revamping our logo and with the creation of the community Aortic Disease Ribbon car magnet!  He is very creative, professional and timely with his responses.  If you have any graphic design needs, please contact him directly karlwohkittel@outlook.com

If you are interested in an awareness car magnet, we would be more than happy to send you one with a $10 donation: www.paypal.me/aortichope



The Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Aortic Hope is so excited to announce that we will be collaborating with The Society of Thoracic Surgeons on various programs and campaigns that will allow public access to experts, spread awareness about aortic disease issues, and provide patient education to thousands of people.

Founded in 1964, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons is a not-for-profit organization representing more than 7,500 surgeons, researchers, and allied health care professionals worldwide who are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for surgeries of the heart, lungs, and esophagus, as well as other surgical procedures within the chest.

Mission: Enhance the ability of cardio-thoracic surgeons to provide the highest quality patient care through education, research, and advocacy. 

Vision: Improving the lives of patients with cardio-thoracic diseases. 

Core Values: Quality, Innovation, Professionalism, Inclusiveness, Teamwork.

Please visit their Patient Information Page at https://ctsurgerypatients.org


Medical ID Bracelets

Aortic Hope is pleased to announce our new relationship with Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewlery!

Lauren’s Hope is very excited to be able to offer everyone in the Aortic community a 10% discount simply by using AORTICHOPE as the promo code!!!

Please use this link to make your purchase as we are an affiliate and a portion of the sale will support Aortic Hope's initiatives:


Our History
”In 2001, Lauren’s Hope introduced the very first interchangeable medical ID bracelet, and overnight, people who had grudgingly worn, or even refused to wear, the standard, plain metal medical ID bracelets of the past suddenly had attractive, durable, stylish options they could enjoy wearing and change to suit their mood, outfit, or activity.

Today, more than 400,000 people wear Lauren’s Hope medical IDs every day, and we’re proud to say that number just keeps growing.

Our ever-expanding line of medical ID bracelets, necklaces, anklets, charms, bag tags, and more is always on-trend, made to the highest quality, and guaranteed to meet your needs and expectations.”

Who Is Lauren?
”We’re often asked who Lauren is or where the name “Lauren’s Hope” came from. The original interchangeable medical ID bracelet was made for Lauren, a 13 year old with diabetes who refused to wear medical ID jewelry because, as she said, ‘It’s ugly and draws attention to my illness.’ So we set out to design a medical alert bracelet that Lauren, and the millions of people like her who avoided medical IDs when they really needed them, would actually enjoy wearing.”


Medical ID bracelets serve many purposes but their main objective is to assist healthcare professionals and first responders to get an in-depth view of the patient’s medical condition so that proper treatment can be administered without delay. The bracelet is of immense help when the patient is not able to communicate clearly.

race 2.jpg

Cabin Fever40 at Boyd’s Speedway

🎉 We are very excited to announce that Jeff Helms, caregiver of aortic dissection survivor Andrea Garrett-Helms, will be racing in the Cabin Fever40 at Boyd's Speedway!

🏎 His car will be promoting Aortic Disease Awareness by racing with the Aortic Disease Awareness Ribbon on the side of his car!!!! Two additional racers will also be helping to spread the awareness of Aortic Disease by proudly displaying the ribbon on their cars as well!

🌎 This is a huge race with people from all over the country in attendance! What a great opportunity to bring Aortic Disease Awareness to the forefront of everyone's mind!

🏎 FYI...in case you didn't know, the awareness ribbon incorporates Aortic Hope's 3 hearts at the top. Each heart represents the Patient, Survivor and Caregiver.

🏆 We are not sure if this event is being televised or live streamed but as soon as we have additional information we will let you know. However, if anyone is in the Ringgold, GA area on Saturday, please consider attending the event and share pictures!

❤ Stay tuned on Saturday as we are featuring Andrea in our Saturday Survivor Series! She will share with everyone the incredible story of her Aortic Dissection and the birth of her child. It is a very emotional and powerful story, one you will find quite inspirational!

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SMILE with Aortic Hope

Aortic Hope, Inc is proud to be one of Amazon’s charity partners!

When you are ready to shop with Amazon, log into smile.amazon.com, and choose Aortic Hope from the list of charities and we will receive 0.5% of your qualified purchases directly from Amazon!

It's that simple so log in and say "cheese"...smile with Aortic Hope today!