2019 Board of directors:

  • Carin Andersen - Director of Public Relations

  • Jaime Barnhart - Director of Operations

  • William (Bill) Barnhart - Director of Marfan Outreach

  • Gregg Aaron Greenberg - Director of Community Outreach & Webmaster

  • Filiz Costantini - Director of Community Events

  • Betsey Luipold - Director of Social Media & Marketing


Connecting Hearts...One Beat At A Time

It was the spring of 2016 when Carin Andersen (Aortic Dissection Survivor) phoned Meg Greenlee (Aneurysm Survivor) to discuss the possibilities of hosting a celebratory event in honor of the upcoming Global Aortic Dissection Awareness Day. Together, they talked about their hopes and dreams, cried over their shared struggles, and laughed in anticipation over the prospects of meeting in person. Once the two met, they quickly realized the need for an organization to be created that would focus on all aspects of Aortic Disease.

Carin, having just recently connected with Jaime Devey Barnhart (Caregiver of Husband and Child with Marfan Syndrome), recognized that in order for this group to truly come to fruition, Jaime would be an intricate piece of the puzzle.

In bringing different experiences and perspectives to the group, Aortic Hope was formed. The group is now a globally recognized non-profit organization whose focus is to Spread Hope, Create Awareness and Provide Support.

Aortic Hope added an additional key individuals: Gregg Aaron Greenberg (Aortic Dissection Survivor) blessed us with his compassion, wisdom and knowledge in creating our website, managing our Survivor Series and Hope Ambassador Program. Bill Barnhart (Aortic Disease/Marfan Survivor) has generously dedicated his time and expertise in working with the Marfan community. Late in 2018, Betsey Luipold (Aortic Dissection Survivor) added her highly valued creativity managing our Social Media presence. Beginning in 2019, we are pleased to announce the addition of Filiz Constanini (Medical Liason) to our team! She will be responsible for creating and managing Aortic Hope community events as well as expanding our presence within the medical community! Meg Greenlee (co-founder) and Tia Myslajek have decided to pursue new opportunities and are no longer associated with Aortic Hope. We wish them the very best!

Together, they work tirelessly in not only managing their personal lives but organizing fundraisers, online support groups, providing daily inspiration and wisdom, hope mail care packages, and MUCH, MUCH more. Our current Board of Directors includes Carin Andersen, Bill & Jaime Barnhart, Gregg Aaron Greenberg, Betsey Luipold and Filiz Constantini.

This is only the beginning...

Aortic Hope strives to Connect Hearts....One Beat At A Time. Your donations are graciously appreciated, which helps make our initiatives become your reality...